BS19091 Belt Strap For Pressure Buckle "No Holes" Replacement Genuine Leather Dress Belt Strap 1"(25mm) Wide

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1"(25mm) wide replacement leather belt strap for pressure buckle "without belt holes".
High-Quality design feathered and stitched edges for extra durability.
Convenient snap system for interchanging buckles making it a versatile strap for different occasions.
This belt measured from end to end without a buckle.
Belt measurement end to end
(Size 32"= 37.5")
(Size 34"= 39.5")
(Size 36"= 41.5")
(Size 38"= 43.5")
(Size 40"= 45.5")
(Size 42"= 47.5")
(Size 44"= 49.5")
(Size 46"= 51.5")
(Size 48"= 53.5")
(Size 50"= 55.5")